Notes on Using This Function

  1. An application program can issue this function for multiple host sessions. The Pause (18) function can notify the application when one or more host sessions (PS, OIA, or both of them) are updated. The Query Host Update (24) function can be used to determine whether a PS, OIA, or both of them have been updated.
  2. If the application chooses the asynchronous option, it can wait for the returned event object or semaphore to determine when a host event has occurred.
  3. The event object or semaphore is initially in a non-signaled state and is signaled each time an appropriate event occurs. To receive notification for multiple events, the application must put the event object into the non-signaled state each time it has been signaled using either the ResetEvent or the Query Host Update (24) function.
  4. An application cannot request Start Host Notification more than once with the same options.
  5. This is not an exclusive call. Multiple applications can request this function for the same short session ID.