Call Parameters

  Enhanced Interface
Function Number Must be 80
Data String Preallocated structure; see the following table
Length 16
PSPosition NA

The calling data structure contains these elements

Byte Definition
1 A 1-character presentation space short name (PSID).
2-4 Reserved
5 One of the following values:
  • The character C asks for notification when the session either disconnects or connects to the host.
  • The character A requests the asynchronous mode of notification. When A is specified, position 9-12 returns the address of an event object (Windows). The character C must be placed in position 13.
  • The character M requests the asynchronous message mode of the notification. When M is specified, the event selection character C must be placed in position 13.
6-8 Reserved
9-12 When M is specified in position 5, the window handle of the window that receives the message should be set. The message is a return value of RegisterWindowMessage (PCSHLL)—(not zero).
13 This should contain the character C if position 5 is A or M.
14-16 Reserved