Notes on Using This Function

  1. Four sets of parameters under the Set Session Parameters (9) function are related to this function. They are the SRCHALL/SRCHFROM, STRLEN/STREOT, SRCHFRWD/SRCHBKWD, and the EOT=c session options. See items 1 through 4 for more information.
  2. You can use the Set Session Parameters (9) function to determine whether your searches proceed forward (SRCHFRWD) or backward (SRCHBKWD) in a field.
  3. The Search Field function normally checks the entire field (SRCHALL default mode). However, you can use the function 9 to specify SRCHFROM. In this mode, the calling PS position parameter does more than identify the target field. It also provides a beginning or ending point for the search.
    • If the SRCHFRWD option is in effect, the search for the designated string begins at the specified PS position and proceeds toward the end of the field.
    • If the SRCHBKWD option is in effect, the search for the designated string begins at the end of the field and proceeds backward toward the specified PS position. If the target string is not found, the search ends at the PS position specified in the calling PS position parameter.
Note: 5250 emulation supports a presentation space of 24 rows by 80 columns. In some instances, Communication Manager 5250 emulation displays a 25th row. This occurs when either an error message from the host is displayed or when the operator selects the SysReq key. Z and I Emulator for Windows displays 25th row information on row 24, or on the status bar. For information to be displayed on the status bar, the status bar must be configured. Refer to Quick Beginnings for information on configuring the status bar. By the EXTEND_PS option, an EHLLAPI application can use the same interface with Communication Manager EHLLAPI and valid presentation space is extended when this condition occurs.