Return Parameters

Return Code Explanation
2 Parameter error or you have specified a length that is too long (more than 255 bytes) for the EHLLAPI buffer. The file transfer was unsuccessful.
3 File transfer complete.
4 File transfer complete with segmented records.
9 A system error was encountered.
27 File transfer terminated because of either a Cancel button or the timeout set by the Set Session Parameter (9) function.
101 File transfer was successful (transfer to/from CICS®).

If you receive return code 2 or 9, there is a problem with the system or with the way you specified your data string.

Other return codes can also be received, which relate to message numbers generated by the host transfer program. For transfers to a CICS host transfer program, subtract 100 from the return code to give you the numeric portion of the message. For example, a return code of 101 would mean that the message number INW0001 was issued by the host. For other host transfer programs, just use the return code as the numerical part of the message. For example, a return of 34 would mean that message TRANS34 was issued by the host transfer program. The documentation for your host transfer program should give more information about the meanings of the specific messages.

Operating system error codes reported by EHLLAPI are greater than 300. To determine the error code, subtract 300 and refer to the operating system documentation for return codes.