Notes on Using This Function

  1. If an application program receives RC=2 or RC=0, the number of the active sessions is returned in the length field. The application program can recognize the minimum string length by this number.
  2. The Query Sessions function is affected by the CFGSIZE/NOCFGZISE session option (see item 16 for more information) and by the EXTEND_PS/NOEXTEND_PS option (see item 20 for more information).
  1. When NOCFGSIZE is set in Set Session Parameters (9) for a 5250 session, the value of presentation space size returned in byte position 11 and 12 from Query Sessions(10) will be changed in accordance with the selection of EXTEND_PS or NOEXTEND_PS.
  2. When EXTEND_PS is set in Set Session Parameters (9), presentation space size returned from Query Sessions (10) will include the size of the message line, if it exists.
  3. When NOEXTEND_PS is set, the value will not change regardless of the existence of a message line. In the case of 25 row, 80 column presentation space, the value can be 1920 or 2000.