Notes on Using This Function

The following EHLLAPI functions are queued when a lock is in effect:
  • Send Key (3)
  • Copy Presentation Space (5)
  • Search Presentation Space (6)
  • Copy Presentation Space to String (8)
  • Release (11)
  • Reserve (12)
  • Query Field Attribute (14)
  • Copy String to Presentation Space (15)
  • Search Field (30)
  • Find Field Position (31)
  • Find Field Length (32)
  • Copy String to Field (33)
  • Copy Field to String (34)
  • Set Cursor (40)
  • Send File (90)
  • Copy Presentation Space to Clipboard (35)
  • Paste Clipboard to Presentation Space (36)
  • Receive File (91)
  • Connect to Presentation Space (1) with the CONPHYS parameter set in a previous Set Sessions Parameter (9) function call.
These queued requests are not serviced until the lock is removed. When the lock is removed, the queued requests are processed in first-in-first-out (FIFO) order. EHLLAPI functions not listed are run as if there was no lock. The requesting application unlocks the presentation space window by one of the following methods:
  • Disconnecting from the presentation space while still owning the Lock.
  • Issuing the Reset System (21) function while still owning the Lock.
  • Stopping the application while still owning the Lock.
  • Stopping the session.
  • Successfully issuing the Lock Presentation Space API with the Unlock option.

Before exiting the application, you should unlock any presentation space windows that have been locked with the Lock Presentation Space API function. If the application exits with outstanding locks, or a Reset System (21), or Disconnect Presentation Space (2) function is issued, the locks are released.

It is recommended that applications lock the presentation space only for short periods of time and only when exclusive use of the presentation space is required.