Notes on Using This Function

  1. The Copy String to Presentation Space function is affected by the following options:
    • EOT
    Refer to items 1 and 2; 13 and 14; 18; and sparopt.html#sparopt__opt18 and sparopt.html#sparopt__opt19 for more information.
  2. The keyboard mnemonics (see Send Key (3) function) cannot be sent using the Copy String to Presentation Space function.
  3. The string ends when an end-of-text (EOT) delimiter is encountered in the string if EOT mode was selected using the Set Session Parameters (9) function. (See Set Session Parameters (9)).
  4. Although the Send Key (3) function accomplishes the same purpose, this function responds with the prompt and enters a command more quickly. Because the Send Key (3) function emulates the terminal operator typing the data from the keyboard, its process speed is slow for an application operating with a lot of data. This function provides a faster input path to the host.
  5. The original data (the copied string) cannot exceed the size of the presentation space.
  6. This function call may cause a cursor movement to an unexpected position with some host applications. A SendKey function may be a better choice for filling a field than this function.
    Note: This only occurs with VT sessions or connections to an ASCII host.