The Document Interchange Architecture Query Reply

This query reply indicates the Document Interchange Architecture (DIA) function set supported. The format of the DIA Query Reply is as follows:

Table 1. IBM DIA Base Format
Offset Length Content Meaning
0 1 word Length Length of structure (includes self-defining parameters)
2 1 byte X'81' Query reply ID
3 1 byte X'97' IBM DIA
4–5 2 bytes FLAGS Reserved
6–7 2 bytes LIMIN Maximum DDM bytes allowed in inbound transmission
8–9 2 bytes LIMOUT Maximum DDM bytes allowed in outbound transmission
10 1 byte NFS Number of 3-byte function set IDs that follow
11–13 3 bytes DIAFS DIA function set identifier
14– (13+(N*3)) N*3 bytes DIAFSs Additional DIA function set IDs
14+(N*3) 1 byte X'04' Parameter length
15+(N*3) 1 byte X'01' Direct access
16+(N*3) 1 word DOID Destination/origin ID assigned by the subsystem

The DIA auxiliary device processor supports only the direct access self-defining parameter. It is defined in Table 2.

The presence of the direct access ID self-defining parameter indicates that the auxiliary device can be accessed directly by using the destination/origin structured field.

Table 2. IBM Product-Defined Direct Access Self-Defining Parameter
Offset Length Content Meaning
0 1 byte X'04' Parameter length
1 1 byte X'01' Direct access ID
2–3 2 bytes DOID Destination/origin ID
The value in these bytes is used in the ID field of the destination/origin structured field to identify the auxiliary device as the destination or origin of the data that follows.

Refer to IBM 3270 Information Display System Data Stream Programmer's Reference for the field definitions for this query reply.