Where To Find More Information

The Z and I Emulator for Windows library includes the following publications:
  • Installation Guide
  • Quick Beginnings
  • Emulator User's Reference
  • Administrator's Guide and Reference
  • Emulator Programming
  • Client/Server Communications Programming
  • System Management Programming
  • Host Access Class Library
  • Configuration File Reference

In addition to the printed books, there are Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) documents provided with Z and I Emulator for Windows:

Host Access Class Library

The HACL Java HTML files describe how to write an ActiveX/OLE 2.0-compliant application to use Z and I Emulator for Windows as an embedded object. These files can be accessed from the Docs_Admin_Aids zipped folder delivered along with Z and I Emulator for Windows product documentation in the following path : ZIEWin_1.0_Docs_Admin_Aids.zip\publications\en_US\doc\hacl

Following is a list of related publications: