Negotiated Telnet Security

Typically, a secure channel is established before the Telnet 3270 server and client negotiate for a session. For Z and I Emulator for Windows 3270 sessions, you can use negotiated Telnet security. This option enables Z and I Emulator for Windows to establish security with the Telnet 3270 server during the Telnet negotiation. The security protocol used is TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, and TLS 1.2.

If you select the Telnet-negotiated option on the Security Setup panel, the Telnet connection is established. Z and I Emulator for Windows then uses the TLS-based Telnet Security protocol (as defined by IETF) to negotiate the TLS security. If the connection is successful, a status message is returned.

This support is only applicable with a Telnet server which supports the TLS-based Telnet Security protocol. By default, this option is not enabled.