Session parameters


The parameter to the left of the equal sign is a keyword and must be coded exactly as shown. The keyword is used to define a statement. The values to the right of the equal sign are macros or control codes. Because the values to the right of the equal sign can be both macros and control codes, they will sometimes be referred to as parameters.

The MAXIMUM_PAGE_LENGTH, MAXIMUM_PRINT_POSITION, and SET_PAGE_LENGTH parameters specify the dimensions of the output job. The number specified in the MAXIMUM_PAGE_LENGTH parameter is used in the SET_PAGE_LENGTH parameter and is substituted for the value keyword. In other words, if SET_PAGE_LENGTH and MAXIMUM_PAGE_LENGTH are coded as follows:

  MAXIMUM_PAGE_LENGTH=066 /* Printed lines per page */

The results would be:


Because SFL is coded as X'1B 43' in the macro section, the actual control code that would be sent to the printer to set the maximum page length is:

X'1B 43 42'

where X'42' is decimal 66.

Note: Setting MPL=255 causes suppression of form feeds (FFs).