Building a Printer Definition Table (PDT) for PC400

This chapter explains how to create and change the printer definition table (PDT file) used for PC400. Building a Printer Definition Table (PDT) for PC/3270 contains specific information about creating PC/3270 PDTs. PDTs for PC/3270 and PC400 differ only slightly; if you use a common PDT (used for both PC/3270 and PC400), the additional statements for PC400 are ignored for PC/3270 processing. Similarly, statements unique to PC/3270 are ignored for PC400 processing.

The PDT file is created by converting the printer definition file (PDF file). The PDF and PDT define the transmission of characters and control codes to the printer and the format of printer output. To change an existing PDF (the recommended method) or create a new one, use a text editor that can produce or update an ASCII file.