OIA Messages

Z and I Emulator for Windows displays messages in the operator information area (OIA) or in a pop-up window. Messages from Z and I Emulator for Windows are displayed in the message window; messages from the host system regarding the condition of the session are displayed in the OIA of the session window.

The OIA is the bottom line of the session window. An OIA message indicates the status of Z and I Emulator for Windows as well as information about the workstation, host system, and attachment method.

All of the OIA indicators, reminders, and messages are described in the online help. To view this information:
  1. Click Index from the Help menu.
  2. Select The operator information area messages.

    To look up a specific OIA message, select Search. When the Search window appears, type the letters that appear in the OIA. For example, MACH or PROG. If a lightning bolt appears, type COMM.

  3. Double-click the index entry that matches your search.
  4. Scroll through the window until you find the number that appears in your OIA.