Z and I Emulator for Windows Highlights

Z and I Emulator for Windows brings the power of personal networking to your workstation by providing a variety of connectivity options supporting local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) environments. Whether you need host terminal emulation, client/server applications, or connectivity, Z and I Emulator for Windows offers a robust set of communications, networking, and administrative features.

Z and I Emulator for Windows is a full-function emulator package with an easy-to-use graphical interface, which includes many useful features such as file transfer and dynamic configuration, and emulator APIs including the IBM® Host Access Class Library.

Z and I Emulator for Windows provides the following functions:
  • zSeries Connections
    VT-over-Telnet (TCP/IP)
  • iSeries Connections
    Telnet5250 over TCP/IP
    VT over Telnet
    COM port
    VT over Telnet
    Telnet 5250
  • ASCII Emulator Connections
    VT over Telnet
    COM port
    VT over Telnet
  • Client/Server Connections
    COM port
  • Log Viewer
    • View Message Log, Trace Log, and Merged Log files
    • Summary and Detail views
    • Set default Message Log size and location
    • Filter and search Log files
    • Message Log entries Help
  • Trace Capability
    • 3270/5250 emulator data
    • Connectivity data, such as LAN
    • User services data, such as node initialization
  • Sample Programs
    • Located in \ZIE for Windows\samples subdirectory
  • Installation and Configuration
    • Partial installation option
    • Program sharing on a network server
    • Automatic detection of installed communication adapters
    • Dynamic change of communication configurations
    • Silent Installation
    • Verification of ASCII configuration
  • Host Session Function
    • Up to 52 sessions
    • Variable screen size and automatic font scaling
    • Function settings (of the host code page, for example) for each session
  • Host Graphics Support
    • Built-in vector graphics support for GDDM and other graphics applications
  • File Transfer Function
    • Easy operation through graphical user interface (GUI) windows
    • Batch transfer of multiple files
    • Concurrent file transfer through multiple sessions
    • Background file transfer
    • File transfer invocation by macro
    • OfficeVision/MVS Import/Export functions
    • VT File Transfer (XModem and YModem)
  • Edit (Cut and Paste) Function
    You can use the clipboard to cut, copy, and paste a selected areaIn addition, you can paste data in other applications, such as spreadsheet programs, that support the PasteLink function.
    • Support of spreadsheet data format (Sylk, Biff3, Wk3 formats)
    • Copy Append
    • Paste Next
    • Paste to Trim Rectangle
    • Paste Stop at Protected Line
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    • Customizable 3D iconic tool bar
    • 3D-button hotspots
    • Pop-up keypad
    • Macro function, including record and play
    • VBScripts, including record and play
    • Keyboard-function setup and remapping
    • Mouse-button-function setup and remapping
    • Display setup (cursor type, graphics, sound, colors, for example)
    • Automatic font size adjustment or fixed font size
    • Window-appearance setup
    • Menu-bar customization
    • 3270 Light Pen emulation by using a mouse
    • Status bar with history
    • Page Setup
    • Revised Configuration Dialog
    • Online help
  • Print Function
    • Printer session (for PC/3270: )
    • Graphics local print
    • Printing with the Windows printer drivers
    • Print function by printer definition table (PDT)
    • Multiple host-print functions in multiple sessions
    • PDF-to-PDT conversion tool
    • PC400 print function by OS/400® and i5/OS Host Print Transform (HPT)
    • PC400 printing supported by the iSeries, eServer™ i5, and System i5 Advanced Print Support Utility
    • ZipPrint
  • Programming Interfaces
    • 16/32-bit Emulator High-Level Language Application Programming Interface (EHLLAPI)
    • 16/32-bit Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)
    • 32-bit Node Operations Facility (NOF)
    • 16/32-bit Z and I Emulator for Windows API (PCSAPI)
    • 32-bit Common Programming Interface for Communications (CPI-C)
    • 32-bit Automation Object API
    • 32-bit ActiveX/OLE 2.0
    • ActiveX Controls
  • PC400 Client Function
    • Data transfer
    • PC Organizer
    • Text Assist
    • Enhanced Programmable Terminal User Interface (ENPTUI)