Initial Configuration Definitions

Z and I Emulator for Windows enables network administrators to create an initial configuration definitions file that contains common configuration definitions for their clients. By using an initial configurations file, the administrator can distribute preconfigured definitions and have them automatically preloaded whenever a new configuration is created on a client.

The first step is to create a configuration using Start or Configure Sessions, or an ASCII editor. For detailed information on configuring sessions, refer to Quick Beginnings.

After you create the configurations file, rename the file to the appropriate reserved name. For workstation profiles (*.WS), the file name is PCSINIT.WS$.

After you rename the files, they can be distributed to client workstations. Put the files in the configuration files directory. The definitions in the files will be preloaded whenever a user creates a new configuration.

Note: The initial configuration file does not override parameter defaults for new definitions in new configurations, but preloads complete definitions into new configurations. Users can modify these definitions to get custom parameter values; however, the original initial configuration file remains unchanged.