Using the Printer Definition Table (PDT) File

To use the PDT file:
  1. Select File from the menu bar of the workstation window.
  2. Select Printer Setup from the File menu.

    The Printer Setup window appears.

  3. Select the Use PDT file check box and Select PDT.

    The Select PDT file window appears.

To build the PDT file (required only if the PDF has been changed or created):
  1. Select Convert PDF. Select the PDF file to be converted from the list in the Convert PDF to PDT window; then select Convert. The PDF File Converter window appears. After the file has been converted, click on Close, then click Close in the Convert PDF to PDT window.
  2. Click OK in the Select PDT file window.
  3. Click OK on the Printer Setup window.

    After printer setup is complete, the Printer Setup window is closed.