Client Configuration

The following elements must be configured on the client side to enable TLS:
  • Security must be enabled in order to operate in TLS mode. A client operating in TLS mode cannot establish a connection with a server that is operating in ordinary Telnet mode. Likewise, a client operating in ordinary Telnet mode cannot establish a connection with a server operating in TLS mode. See Configuring Z and I Emulator for Windows Session Security for information about enabling security.
  • Select Send Personal Certificate to Server if Requested on the Security Setup property page for client authentication. If this option is not selected, only server-side authentication is performed. If the server requests a client certificate and this option is not selected, there will be no active connection. See Opening a Key Database and Adding a Root Certificate for details.

To add, remove, and view certificates in the Microsoft Certificate Stores, select Internet Options in the Windows Control Panel. On the Content tab, click Certificates. The tabs represent the different Microsoft Certificates Stores. Each tab shows the certificates that exist within each store.