Migration Considerations

When the base PDF file already exists, the converted PDF fields are appended to the end of the base PDF file. The name of the base PDF file is decided as follows:

Table 1. PDF File Name
PFT File Name Base PDF File Name
xxxxxxxx.PFT xxxxxxxx.PDF
xxxxx.MNL MNLxxxxx.PDF
zzzxxxxx.MNL* zzzxxxxx.PDF*
: * “zzz” is not “IBM”.

Even if the same fields are already defined in the PDF file, the appended fields are effective because the last definition is always effective in a PDF file.

If the base PDF file does not exist in the directory, the PFT Migration Utilitycreates a new PDF file that has only the converted fields from the PFT file. In this case, you should append this file to an appropriate base file manually, because the fields converted from the PFT file do not cover all of the necessary PDF fields.

Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare both the PFT file and its base PDF file in the same directory before the conversion.