Printer Control Codes

Table 1. Printer Control Codes
Printer Control Code If Use PDT file is Selected: If a Windows Printer Driver is Used:
SCD — Set the Character Density Select the GFID for the valid character distance (CD) parameter as shown in Table 2.
If the specified font is not supported, a substitution is provided. For example, when 15 CPI font is specified but the font is not supported, the supported 17 CPI font is substituted. See How to Determine PC400 Font.
SFG — Set Font ID through GFID Recognizable GFIDs are restricted. (See Field Names of Printer Definition Files.) If the specified GFID is not supported and it is out of the range from 154 through 200, the closest font width from the fonts shown in Table 3 is substituted.

If the specified GFID is not supported and it is between 154 and 200, the following font is substituted: Font name: Document; GFID value:175.

  See How to Determine PC400 Font.
BUS — Begin Underscore   The selected font might not support the underscore.
BES — Begin Emphasis   The selected font might not support the emphasis.
STO — Set Text Orientation   The page orientation can be changed to portrait or landscape. The direction, which is up, down, left, or right on the paper, depends on the Microsoft Windows printer driver. If the page orientation is changed, the current paper is ejected.
Table 2. SCD Parameter Values
CD Parameter Character Pitch (normal) GFID Value (COR)
000A 10 CPI 13 CPI 204
000B Proportional 13 CPI 175
000C 12 CPI 15 CPI  86
000F 15 CPI 20 CPI 230
00FF 10 CPI 13 CPI 204

The following table lists only the most commonly used GFIDs. See Table 1 for the complete list.

Table 3. Commonly Used SFG GFID Values
Font Name GFID value
Courier Bold 5 245
Courier 10 11
Prestige Elite 12 86
Gothic-text 13 204
Gothic-text 15 230
Courier 17 252
Gothic-text 20 281
Gothic-text 27 290

When you use the Windows printer driver, the spooler must be on.