Printer Control Code Format

Some printer control codes perform single, specific functions by themselves, while others perform multiple functions according to the parameters specified after the control code.

A printer control code with parameters has the following format:

Control Code Count Parameter 1 Parameter 2...
1 or 2 bytes 1 byte 1 or 2 bytes 1 or 2 bytes

A count consists of 1 byte, and indicates the length of the parameters (including the count) after the control code, in bytes. For example, a count and two 1-byte parameters is shown as X'03', because the count itself is included. Some control codes, such as the Printing Position (PP) control code, do not have counts.

A parameter can be 1 or 2 bytes in length. The number of bytes depends on the control codes. Not all control codes have parameters.
Note: In this manual, counts and parameters that are actually processed in binary are all expressed in hexadecimal (0–F) to improve readability.