Printer Definition Tables

Standard printer definition table file names are of the form IBMnnnnn.PDT, and PDT's ASCII-to-ASCII character definitions are of the form PRNnnnnn.PDT, where nnnnn is a machine type. See character definition descriptions for more details.

See the help panel or the specific 5250, 3270, or VT emulator user's reference for a list of the PDT files provided by Z and I Emulator for Windows.

The PDT files contained in the PC400 installation diskette can be used as is. However, you might want to do special formatting by changing the definitions of some fields. To do so, copy an existing PDF file, modify it, and then convert it to a new PDT file.

Example PDF files are shown in "Example Printer Definition Files". Do not attempt to change the statements in a field for which modification is specifically prohibited. If you use a PDT file created from a changed PDF file, the results of printing cannot be guaranteed.