SCS TAB Setting

A PC/3270 printer session LU type 1 can accept any number of tab positions, and the host printer session can send any number of tabs to the printer session. However, the workstation printer you are using might support fewer tab positions than the host application sets; for example, the IBM® Proprinter supports 27 tab positions.

If the number of tab positions that the host application sets exceeds the maximum number of positions that the printer supports, your printed output will not look as you expect it to. You can avoid this situation by modifying the PDF file and reconfiguring PC/3270 as follows:
  1. Modify the SET_HORIZONTAL_TABS statement as follows:


  2. Save the file under a new name.
  3. Convert the PDF file (with the procedure described in Building a Printer Definition Table (PDT) for PC400).
  4. Select the new PDT file created in Step 2.