Start a Z and I Emulator for Windows Session

The command PCOMSTRT has the following parameters:

Name of workstation profile to start (required). The syntax is /p=workstation-profile. You can specify the workstation profile as either the path (drive, directory, and file name) or just the file name, in which case the location of the workstation profile file is the user-class application data directory.
Note: If multiple /p parameters are given, PCOMSTRT only uses the last one to start a profile (.WS file).
Session letter of the session to start. The syntax is /s=session-letter. This is optional. If omitted, the first available session letter is used.
Session window startup state. The syntax is /w={0|1|2|3}.
Normal (default)
Quiet mode. In quiet mode, PCOMSTRT does not write any messages to stdout.
Do not wait for session to start. The /nowait option tells PCOMSTRT to complete execution without waiting until the emulator session is started. There is no /wait option; the default is to wait until the session is started.
Displays help information.

Returns: DOS Error level is set for use when this command is invoked by a program. When the command is directly entered, a message indicating the session is starting is displayed.