Using Certificate Express Logon

When starting a session using Certificate Express Logon, Z and I Emulator for Windows establishes an SSL client authentication session with the Telnet 3270 server. During the logon process, a macro with the Certificate Express Logon information is played. Once the session is established, Z and I Emulator for Windows sends the application ID for the application that the user is accessing to the Telnet 3270 server. This information is contained in the logon macro. The Telnet 3270 server uses certificate information from the SSL connection and the application ID received from Z and I Emulator for Windows, and requests the user ID and passticket (a temporary password) from the host access control program (such as RACF®).

Z and I Emulator for Windows uses the macro function to put predefined substitute strings in the user ID and password fields. The Telnet 3270 server substitutes the user ID and passticket in the appropriate place in the 3270 datastream. The logon is completed.

After a Certificate Express Logon macro is recorded, it can be distributed to multiple users for playback without further modification.